I want to be more to men than just boobs

Yes, I have been endowed with a pair of big boobs. They sort of sit on this skinny and I guess that you could say that all of my curves are in the right places. However, that is not the reason why I joined Watford escorts. I genuinely like people, and I guess above all I like spending time with men. So far I have not met one single man at Watford escorts of https://acesexyescorts.com/watford-escorts/ who I have not liked. All of them have made me feel special somehow, but I would have to say that the vast majority of my dates arrange a date with me because they are kind of boob mad.


Girls with big boobs are in general seen as much more fun to spend time, and I have noticed that all girls at Watford escorts with big boobs, certainly seem to be a lot busier. At the start of my Watford escorts career, my boss at theagency I worked for at the time, told me that I certainly have the right assets. Yes, I guess he was right, my boobs certainly are my best assets. At the same time, I would like gents to know that there is more to me.


Being seen as a “boob lady” or “ Boob princess” as we say here at Watford escorts can be a special experience. I swear that some of the gentlemen I date at Watford escorts, take one look at me and think “mum” if you know what I mean. One guy I date claims that he is fascinated by big boobs because his mum breastfed him until he was five years old. I guess being breastfed for that length of time would kind of give you a boob fixation.


Than you have the other guys who just seem that they have a right to have a girlfriend with a big pair of boobs. In general they like to show you off to their friends, and it always feel like they are inviting other men to stare at you. I don’t mind going on dates with them because I know that they have been vetted by our boss at Watford escorts, but they can make you feel a little bit uncomfortable if about your bust size.


I guess that I could go off and have a breast reduction, but that would be rather silly. At the same time I have to say that I am glad that I am doing well at Watford escorts. It gives me at least a chance to spend some extra money on decent lingerie and make sure that I look good. If you feel that you look good, you are much more likely to do well at Watford escorts. Some big busted girls really do ignore their cleavage and don’t look after it at all. Your cleavage can be your greatest asset when you are an escort in Watford, and I always make sure that I look after my cleavage and larger than average bust.

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