Cutting down hours at the escort agency

My boss at Bracknell escorts recently asked me why I have cut down on my hours at the escort agency. The truth is that another man financially supports me and helps me pay some of my bills. I met him outside the escort agency. The boss does don’t complain. Yes, I know that I am doing fewer hours, but I want to move on with my life. Escorting has been fun, but there is more to life.

Now, that was the bit I did not tell my boss at Bracknell escorts of I have been saving up money so that I can go to beauty college. It is one of those things that I have always wanted to do, and full working time at the agency is not going to let me do that. When I met this guy, I realized that he seemed like a very genuine person. He said that he wanted someone on the side and ready to help out financially.

It took us a couple of weeks to get to know each other, and we got on well. I told about my ambition to leave Bracknell escorts and go back to college. He thought that it sounded like a good “life option” as he called it, and was happy to help me out. Now, I am ready to start college in a couple of months, and I am looking forward to it. My friend paid for my college fees, and it has left me with some money in the bank.

Eventually, I know that I am going to have to give up Bracknell escorts. It worries me a little bit, but my friend is right for me. He seems to be a genuine kind of guy and loves me a lot. Anyway, that is what I think. In many ways, I do not feel like his mistress at all. He treats me much more like a girlfriend than just a mistress, and it makes me feel good. He seems to take a real interest in my life.

It is going to take a couple of years to go through the beauty course. I am still living in my flat, and my friend pays all of the bills. It has become our little love nest. The furniture was, so my friend has bought me new furniture. To spend more time with him, I have cut down on my hours at Bracknell escorts, but that is okay. There is no way that I could spend time with this guy and date full time at the agency. Do you know what? I feel happy with my life, and I think that I am onto something good here. In a couple of years, I will have finished my training, and I have to admit that I dream about that day.

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