Tricks Escorts Use to Make Men Cum Quicker

For those men that have been in the company of charlotte action escorts will always tell you how sweet and memorable the experience was especially if they had sex with the escort. This is because escorts are trained professionals who offer exactly what men desire but wouldn’t get from a random lady or their spouses.

Among the many areas of expertise is the art of making men cum quicker than expected. Truth be told, men feel a lot of pleasure when realizing their first shot, and this is what escorts capitalize on.

So, what are these tricks escorts use to make a man cum quicker?

  1. Kegel exercises.

Escorts love to keep their bodies in shape to look attractive. This is because most men will choose an escort with that fine body. When doing their workout to keep fit, they also engage in Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are particularly important when it comes to sexual matters. Through Kegels, a man can last longer in bed and most importantly for a woman; these exercises strengthen the pelvic floor walls making their vaginal wall tight. This is what makes the escort’s pussy tight.

With a tight pussy, men are not able to control their selves to avoid Cumming fast.

  1. Choice of sex style.

To last longer in bed, men are advised to keep changing the sex position every now and then. When you hire an escort, you do not want to get frustrated, so this is what you do. However, in most cases, escorts already know this fact, they will, therefore, suggest to “handle” you. To you, it will sound sweet and sexy, but to them, it is a winning goal.

When they are in control, especially riding you, you are not able to control it anymore. Moreover, they can use fast thrusts when banging on it and you will be there even before you know it.

  1. Creating the atmosphere.

As mentioned earlier, escorts are trained experts in matters pertaining to sex. When you hire one, and they want you to cum quicker, they will simply create that atmosphere in the room. They do this by moaning during sex, calling you all sorts of lovely names, telling you how good you actually are in bed, etc. All this make a man confident, but at the same time, forget to control ejaculation.

These are some of the tricks escorts will use to make men cum quicker; it is a pleasurable moment for men, but it also makes a man frustrated!

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